Team of Experiential Innovation


Who does it refer to: To anyone who wants to leverage his skills of systematic innovative thinking
Aim: For the participants to develop methodology and mechanisms that will systematically lead them to “out of the box” thinking and to the production of innovative solutions and suggestions.
Goal: After the seminar is completed, that participants will be able to:

  • Understand the sectors in which they can be innovative.
  • Apply the development of methodology and innovative thinking.
  • Estimate and choose the innovation that will be beneficial in each case.

How: Based on the philosophy of experiential education, circumstances of stimulation will be created, and the trainees will receive experiential experiences through realistic and potential cases. Audiovisual material will be used, and also team assignments will take place.

Innovation of the Workshop: In the limits of experiential exercises, the trainees, divided into groups, will use as educational material, approaching the methodology of innovation, the exhibits of the Museum.
Thematic Units- Content:
The basic principles of Innovation and the advantages towards the working life (participative education process)
skills lead to the development of innovative thinking (participative education process)
Transporting my thinking (experiential methodology)
I listen with the “ears of the mind” (experiential methodology)
I see “with the eyes of the activated empathy” (experiential methodology)
How to “interpret” what I know in order to track the path to innovation (experiential methodology)
How to I estimate if my innovation is beneficial in order to apply it (participative education process)
Team building techniques will be used aiming to the creation of a positive and team environment among the participants, which is after all a requirement for the systematic innovative production.

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Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, Pindarou 6 and Academias Street, Kolonaki, 10671, Athens

Duration: 8 hours

Date: Saturday 13th of April

Hour: 14:00-21:00 p. m

Admission: 120 euros


Saturday 13th of April