The Museum provides educational programs and workshops, hosts periodical exhibitions, and organizes workshops of robotics, arts, natural sciences, mathematics.

The goal is for the participants to familiarize with the technological, scientific and cultural heritage through experience, playing, fantasy and manufactures.

Telecommunication and Cryptography
from Troy to Mycenae and from Babylon to Sparta

As a gift you will receive a functional cardboard cryptographic disk of Aeneas.

On a unique interactive map, correctly place the fires of Agamemnon and announce the fall of Troy! Learn and operate the “beacons”, the first optical telegraph in history.

  • Receive and send encoded messages with your friends and…save the city, or.. play the broken telephone!
  • Find out how to use the hydraulic telegraph of Aeneas, the first telecommunication device in the world and become the fastest messenger in history!
  • Create the “notebooks” and “pencils” of the Ancient Greeks, and write, send and read cryptographic messages based on the Polivios code.
  • Construct the «secret baton», send useful messages to your friends that are incomprehensible to your enemies.
  • Create on your own the cryptographic disk of Aeneas and take it with you as a medallion.

Ancient Greek Strategy Games
from the zatrikion to the puzzle, the tangram, chess, backgammon and tic tack toe

Take with you as a gift a wooden “ostomachion” and a unique leaflet of all the different combinations, as researched by Archimedes, and have been recently verified by the use of powerful computing programs.

  • Discover the most important intelligence strategy games from the Minoan to the Late Hellenistic period.
  • Learn how to play “pawns” and “dice”. Compete in the “trias” and “enneas”. Discover the rules of playing “tilia” and “polis”.
  • Practice playing the “ostomachion” of Archimedes that consists of 14 pieces.
  • Try to make a tangram from one of the 8 predefined (or some of your own) figures, or solve the puzzle by making a square, using one of the 536 different combinations and win a special gift from the Museum’s shop.

Calculating mechanisms in Antiquity
from the “calculator” of Salamina, to the “computer of Antikythera”

As a gift you will receive a functional cardboard Greek (acrophonic) abacus!

  • Discover the Greek (acrophonic) abacus, a special sign that allows the user to quickly place numbers, of any size, using the Herodian numbering system, and to add, subtract, multiply and divide between these numbers.
  • Practice, compete and win a special gift from the Museum’s shop.
  • Turn the lever, of a large-scale Antikythera Mechanism, and unlock its “secrets”.
  • Transfer to the past or future and find the position of the sun in the zodiac cycle, the phase and position of the moon, the month in the lunar calendar, the date and hour of the eclipse of the sun and moon, the dates of the most important games of antiquity, etc.
  • Build your own functional part of the Antikythera Mechanism from metal and plexi glass, and use it as a decoration for your favorite place!