“Ancient Greece – the origins of Technologies”


The Hi-Tech inventions then and now! Visitors have the chance to meet over 100 fully functional reconstructions of ancient Greek inventions, accompanied by rich audio-visual material, from the robot – servant of Philon to the cinema of Heron and from the automatic clock of Ktesibios to the analog computer of Antikythera. Each exhibit is a stimulus to relate technology and science and their role to the everyday life of people diachronically.

The public is invited to discover and wonder around the revelation that the technology of the Ancient Greeks, just before the end of the Greek world, was shockingly similar to the beginning of our modern technology.

“Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys”


The same building houses the permanent independent exhibition of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments and Toys with 42 fully functional, reassembled musical instruments and toys. Music played a significant role in every aspect in the life of the Ancient Greeks.

A tour among 45 “vivid” exhibits encourages the revival of ancient Greek music and gives the chance to the visitors to listen to the most ancient worldwide known song of Seikilos and the ancestor of the church instrument.

Interactive Tours

Private Tours


The Museum offers experiential guided tours by qualified staff – experienced engineers, archaeologists, historians and museologists, implement experiential educational tours on a daily basis, for undergraduates and students of all grade levels and subjects.

The exhibits are fully functional and are accompanied by rich audiovisual material in Greek and English. The explanatory information, the analytical designs the images, and the references of the bibliography provide a complete experience of a museum visit…

School Tours


The aim of the organized school tours is for the students to have an experiential contact with a relatively unknown aspect of the ancient Greek civilization and to demonstrate that the technology of the ancient Greeks, just before the end of the Ancient Greek world, was very similar to the beginnings of our modern technology.

The exhibition is graded in 24 thematic units and follows all the modern education perceptions of Pedagogy and Museum Education. The aim of the interactive tour, using as tools the dynamic of the exhibits and the interaction with the guides, is the understanding and interpretation of the ancient Greek technological thinking and technique, by students of all grades.



10 €/person (the duration of a tour is one hour,  40 euros is the minimum price for 1 up to 4 people -10 euros for each extra person after 4 participants)



5 €, including tour-demonstration of selected exhibits.



3.5 € for children & youths aged 6-17 years old, students**, teachers, multi-child families, over 65 years old, military personnel, unemployed

*Proof of ID required

** Valid for students of Greek Universities, students of foreign Universities are entitled of reduced ticket with the International Student Identity Card

In case of a guided group tour the visitors should pay for the general admission


12 € (3 members – max mumber of adults: 2 persons)

14€  (4 members – max mumber of adults: 2 persons)


3 exhibitions, 1 ticket of 10 €


School monitors & organized groups, children up to 5 years old
(Accompanied by adults), ICOM members, people with special needs, tour guides, journalists

*Proof of ID required


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