WalkThrough | An interactive virtual tour of Kotsanas Museum

The technological inventions of the ancient Greeks unfold interactively in front of you!

Heron, Philon, Archimedes, Ktesibios, Pythagoras and Hipparchos invite you to discover the cutting edge technology of antiquity through their inventions.

From the automatic hydraulic clock of Ktesibios to the Antikythera Calculating Mechanism, we observe that the foundations for many conquests of modern civilization, such as steam and gas propulsion, the computer and robotic constructions, had already been laid by the ancient Greek world. Philon’s automatic servant and magic wine jug, Archimedes’ hydraulic screw and so much more, come to illuminate unknown aspects of everyday life in public and private life.

A tour of the permanent collection of the Kotsanas Museum “Ancient Greece – the origins of our technologies”!

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* We thank VitrinaBox for the kind sponsorship of the virtual interactive walkthrough at the Kotsanas Museum.



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